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Reason to be

Our philosophy is to carry out each action, each activity, based on a code of ethics and discipline led with affection.

LUDENS , is a social enterprise, non-profit civil association and Authorized Grantee, dedicated to guiding and implementing recreational and educational programs to promote healthy emotional and social development in vulnerable groups in Mexico; We began operations in November 2014 in the northern part of the city of Oaxaca, located on the basketball court of the Manual Ávila Camacho neighborhood, in agreement with COMVIVE.

Our mission

Strengthen the physical, cognitive and emotional capacities of children and adolescents through recreational and educational activities to promote healthy emotional and social development.

Our main objective

Promote the healthy personal development of children and adolescents in the city of Oaxaca, for a functional society.

Our Attitude LUDENS

  • Ethics

  • Discipline

  • Commitment

  • I respect

  • Teamwork

Founder and CEO

Psych. Jose Alberto Cuevas Matias


Co-founder and Administrative Director

MC Gabriela Cuevas Matias

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